Friday, September 17, 2010

Watercolor structures

Ok, going back in time a bit. 10 watercolors. Structure instead of fluffy clouds this time. This was a little difficult, I had trouble getting edges to look defined. Here are the highlights:
The tree looks pretty good on this one. Don't worry, the trunk and branches are supposed to be out of the picture. Seriously. The windows look pretty good here. The lines and proportions are a little off. Oops.

This one is pretty flat. Boring. No perspective.

So I ran out of watercolor paper. So I used some of my skyscapes from before and added structures. Saved me from making the background at least! Kind of disappointed that it showed through so much though.

I was experimenting with leaving some of the lines of the windows out. Apparently I haven't gotten a good handle on that yet. Every time I try, it doesn't seem to work out very well.

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