Friday, September 10, 2010

Very First Illustrations...Eek!

So going backwards on the Illustration timeline, these were the first illustrations I did. Just 10 small ink drawings. Simple, right?Hours and hours of frustration later, I was "done". Already looking back, I can find LOTS that I could do better and change. Oh well, improvement was the whole point, right? Here they are:
A sun dial. I think the proportions turned out funny.

A little wooden house on a sidewalk. I was experimenting with expressing the shadow in a different way, but I don't think it was very successful.

The smiley face tree! I think the eyes and mouth actually look pretty good, but there's no difference between the tree and the background...needs more contrast there.

The windmill. I really like the blades on the windmill, but the rest could have used a little more time and attention.

A swimming pool. I focused mostly on the different levels and planes of the pool.

Straw bales. I like the texture of the bales and the grass and background. I wish I had treated the gravel driveway in front differently.

A tower. The angles and proportions did not turn out well at ALL.

Trees on a hill. I think this one got overworked. I kept trying to force it to do certain things that I could see in my head, but never achieve with my pen.

A bridge. I like this image a lot, and thus I tend to reuse it pretty frequently. I like the architectural angles of it. Now I know not to outline the shadow though :) And I should have added more of a horizon line to make the bridge look grounded.

Skyscraper. I think I really started to get a handle on showing the different planes of the building.

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