Thursday, September 16, 2010

Digital Watercolors???

Ok, I think I understood this assignment correctly. 5 illustrations in watercolor/ink by hand, 5 digitally. So, I set out to make 5 illustrations digitally that looked like (or at least had the feeling of) watercolor. Some of them I used line art with as well, some I felt didn't need it. I tried a couple different strategies. Here's what I got:

For this one, I used mostly color. I added a couple effects to the bricks first, trying to make them look more brick-y instead of flat and untextured. I think that worked out pretty well. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to go about the glass bowl part of the house lamp, but I think that turned out pretty well too, however, It doesn't have a very transparent look (which the real glass obviously had). I think you get the point though. the only line I used on this one was the brown lines to create the rest of the lamp.

Some people have garden gnomes, I have a hedgehog. I think this illustrations of little Pierce turned out pretty well. I was trying to make it look like I had laid down the wash of color first, then gone back in with the line. Dodging and burning were my friends with this one.

This flower didn't turn out like I had hoped. At all. I tried a couple different things in the same illustration. A little bit of using different colors and trying to blend and smudge them together (fail.) and a little bit of using dodging and burning (worked out a little better). I wanted this single flower to be the focus, so I hinted at some of the other foliage in the background (leaves and grass) but it still kinda looks funny.

This was a pretty good combo of watercolor wash and ink. The simple sky colors make a great backdrop for a close-up of La Tour Eiffel in "ink".

This rainy beach turned out I'm not really sure what I think of it. One part I especially like though is the little reflected sunset. Look closer. It's there. Tiny. Yup, there it is.

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