Friday, December 10, 2010

Thoughts on Moving on to the FINAL PORTFOLIO

Since the final projects are now done, time to start thinking about the final portfolio (actually, in all honesty, I started doing that last night while waiting for a million things to print of the ridiculous HP printer). Requirements are:
  • 10 amazing exercises of line, wash, wash/line, etc.
  • 4 best final projects out of the 8 total
  • best marker comp
  • 1 absolutely fantastic, best illustration of the semester
I started going through my project from this semester and I have sad news. As of right now (Friday, December 10, 2010AD, at 8:54 AM Central Standard Time) I don't have that many amazing exercises and I really wouldn't call any 4 of my projects worthy of submission into the FINAL PORTFOLIO. But, fear not! I have a rework about 6 exercises and 1 final project. I've already found photo references and done some sketching. Yay for late nights printing in OP....or not. Anyway....looks like I get to pop in a few movies this weekend and start illustrating! (soooo much better than studying any day!) Also need to hunt down my best marker seems I never scanned it in. Hmm....

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