Sunday, December 12, 2010

Final Thoughts on Illustration

Well, it's over. I could never decide if I was looking forward to taking this class, or dreading it completely. But know I know that overall, I enjoyed it. Yes, there were times when I thought Rusty must surely hate us, but in the end, I learned a ton and feel much more capable in my illustrating capabilities.
I've never considered myself very good at drawing or painting (I've always hated painting, actually) which made me a little nervous about a class on traditional illustration. However, after this class I am much more confident in my ability to come up with a kick-butt illustration should the need ever arise.
I've definitely been able to find some strengths and weaknesses in the world of illustration, too. I will never, ever be an airbrush artist. That is a fact. And digital illustration doesn't seem to be my forte either. However, I've actually come to enjoy watercolor. And I think I'll enjoy continuing to experiment and get better at using gouache. Although line drawings are still a struggle sometimes, I am at least more confident now and willing to try and experiment after having learned some new tips and techniques.
And with that, goodbye Illustration.

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