Monday, October 11, 2010

Red Barn Sketches for client approval

Here are the quick little watercolor sketches to show the "client" for the Red Barn pamphlets. Markers and watercolor seem like very different media to to get a more realistic feel for what the final illustrations will look like, I did these preliminaries in watercolor as well. I got a lot of mixed reviews. Some people thought the hand gave the impression of saying "STOP". Others like it. I went with it...I like it. And I don't get the feeling of "STOP" out of it. The look I was going for was someone having RED BARN written on his hand. Something a little more youthful and contemporary to give the festival a little "cooler" vibe. The trees in the background are a trainwreck....I was running out of time and ideas, so I just threw something on there. Those will definitely be changed. I thought the rusty old pipe was cool and antique-y looking while still being kind of modern. I've seen lots of older, vintage-y things out lately. Most people weren't really feeling it, but liked that it would frame the copy on the inside. Maybe if I work to improve the illustration of it....

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