Friday, October 8, 2010

Oh baby...

I knew I was bad at illustrating people. So I thought I would challenge myself and do my next two 8x10 watercolors of people. Turns out, I'm still bad at illustrating people. Terrible actually. I tried different techniques on each. The one of my sister is mostly monochromatic. I thought since that worked for me before with the shoes, maybe it would work again. Eehh. The line work definitely helped with it, but still not great.

I really didn't want baby Evie to look like an alien, so I decided more realistic tones would be better. I think maybe I just did it from a weird angle, because her features still look funny. She was sucking on her lips, so she really doesn't have a mouth. And I had a hard time with her fine baby was there, but super light, so didn't really know how to go about that. I think her arm on the left side of the image looks pretty successful....but that's it.

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