Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Classic Book Cover - initial sketches

Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorite books, so I was super excited to see it on the list. It's also a book that has had new covers many, many times...most of them are SUPER boring though...I looked. I came up with several loose ideas/concepts that I think have some potential. The first one is pretty simple, I wanted to illustrate a pretty peacock feather that would wrap around the cover to the back. My sketch is terrible, but it's a pretty straight-forward idea. Second idea: several scenes involve walking, being outdoors, seeing pretty landscapes, so I have a tree with a stone bench under it, suggesting socialization here. The bench would probably have an open letter (Darcy's letter to Elizabeth explaining his actions) or an open book (Elizabeth loved reading) on it. Third idea: Pemberly. Pretty simple. Fourth idea: an illustration of a dancing/dress shoe from the period with music floating out from the back and spine, symbolizing the dancing, social aspects of the book. Fifth idea: comparison of Longbourn (Bennets' home) with Pemberley (Darcy's estate). I added a little sheep friend in there too. Sixth idea: Something a little different, pretty contemporary. It involved several illustrations, all collaged together in photoshop. Images include: Pemberley, coin purse with coins falling out, young woman walking, cloud raining. I also want to include lots of textures and unexpected colors in that one. Seventh (final) idea: back to the simplicity, just a fancy iron gate, symbolizing class, status, the barriers between upper and lower classes, as described by the brilliant Miss Austen.
I'm not really sure which I want to develop further. I think the collage idea would be interesting, but possibly harder to pull off successfully.

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